Harrison's Cave


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Harrison's Cave

Harrison’s Cave has been naturally formed by water erosions and amazes visitors with stalactites, stalagmites and huge caverns. You can either book a tram tour, that takes you along the main sights in one hour, or – if you want to feel like an explorer – book the eco-adventure tour: 3,5 hours of trekking, sometimes on your hands and feet. Harrison’s Cave is located in the central uplands of Barbados, half an hour outside of Bridgetown.

Do & See

Besides beaches and water sports, Bridgetown offers several cultural sights. In 2012, parts of the city centre and the garrison became listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Apart from that, it can be worth considering day trips to the island’s natural gems, such as caves, woods and wildlife reserves. A special occasion is the yearly Crop Over Festival at the beginning of August – when colourful masquerade bands conquer the streets like a carnival.