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Champers is one of Barbados’ top-notch gourmet restaurants, located on the south coast. The waterside terrace provides a romantic atmosphere, while international dishes are garnished with Caribbean flavours. According to the staff, fresh lobster belongs to the crowd favourites. Upstairs you will find an art gallery, offering paintings and jewellery for sale.


The typical Barbadian (or Bajan) dish must include fried flying fish and cou cou, which is similar to polenta and made with cornmeal and okra. Bajan cuisine has influences from all over the world, for example from Creole, Indian, and British culinary traditions. Other famous meals are pepper pot stew, fish cakes, and pumpkin fritters. The Careenage, St. Lawrence Gap, and downtown Bridgetown offer a wide variety of affordable and upscale restaurants – and if you are not in the mood for Bajan food, you will find international cuisine there, too.