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When the city acquired the staple for salt in 1301, the historic quay on the Grootbrug or Large Bridge was renamed the 'Zoutwerf' or Salt Wharf. You will immediately notice the two authentic façades of 'De Waag' and 'De Steur'. De Steur served as a warehouse, while the goods were weighed in De Waag ('Weighhouse').Another striking building is the former guildhall of the fishmongers, 'In den Grooten Zalm' – In the Large Salmon. The 'Innehuysken' to the right of 'De Waag' is where the 'innegeld' – 'monies received' – was paid, an early form of taxation. The building was destroyed by fire in the 17th century, but the fishmongers pulled together, rebuilt it and renamed it 'De Kleine Zalm', 'The Small Salmon'.

Useful Information

  • More Info: Zoutwerf 2800 Mechelen
  • Email: visit@mechelen.be
  • Phone: +32 15 29 76 54
  • More Info: https://visit.mechelen.be/en/zoutwerf

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