Foodmarket: De Vleeshalle


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Foodmarket: De Vleeshalle

The concept "Shop-Taste-Meet" brings people together in the unique historical framework of “De Vleeshalle”, an old market hall build in 1881. All your senses kick in here: sight, sound, smell and of course taste! You’ll be amazed at the wide range of authentic and irresistible foods available in the former ‘Meat Hall’. Doing your regular shop here is a far cry from the supermarket routine. It’s an experience to relish!


Mechelaars love their food and you only really get to know the people when you eat what they eat! In the heart of the vegetable-growing region there is always something to make you lick your lips! But if the Mechelaar might give you a tip, try the city’s most famous speciality: an absolutely delicious ‘Mechelse koekoek’, the native chicken, washed down with the local beer, the Gouden Carolus. Mechelen at its best.