Matthys the Baker’s


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Matthys the Baker’s

A household name in Mechelen for twenty years, traditional baker's Matthys is synonymous with delicious products prepared with tender loving care, like the typical Flemish 'vloerbrood' - bread baked on the stone floor of the oven - and traditional 'pistolet' rolls. Moreover, all the ingredients, such as custard and leaven, are homemade. Baker Willem Matthys is the fourth generation of bakers, which makes Bakkerij Matthys a truly traditional establishment! The speciality is the pointed shortbread called 'Mechels Torentje'. The stone pride of Mechelen, St Rumbold's Tower has been transformed into a delicious crunchy biscuit.


There are any number of reasons for choosing Mechelen as your shopping destination! For one thing, here you escape the hustle and bustle and shop against a backdrop of historic architecture rather than traffic! What is more, the shops are all within easy walking distance of each other. Most are concentrated in the Bruul – Ijzerenleen – Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat triangle and side streets where traffic is restricted. High-street chains and chic boutiques stand shoulder to shoulder with traditional specialist shops. So Mechelen has something for everyone: from trendy to classic, from vintage to cutting-edge.