Cafe Criolo (Sal)

Cape Verde

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Cafe Criolo (Sal)

Cafe Criolo doesn't look like much more than a shack when you first catch glimpse of it, but it happens to be one of the best local restaurants on Sal. Servings are huge, prices are very reasonable, the atmosphere is vibrant and the traditional Cape Verdean dishes are of the finest quality. They also serve excellent homemade desserts and strong coffee in the afternoon.


Seafood abounds in Cape Verde, with delicacies like grilled lobster, tuna, and octopus featuring on most menus, as well as Creole and Portuguese specialities. The most representative typical dish is the 'cachupa' (pictured above), a filling mix of maize, beans, sweet potato and chicken or meat. The larger towns offer an increasingly wide variety of restaurants and cuisines, but on smaller islands, many places will be limited to the lunch of the day ('prato do dia'), which usually includes the freshest catches. Here are the top places to eat while in Cape Verde: