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The food at Boragó is prepared using ingredients directly gathered by over 200 small producers throughout Chile, together with their farm-grown vegetables. One of their menus is a tasting experience of the country's traditional dishes over 16 courses, served in stone plates, that can be paired with a selection from their Chilean wine pool.


The cuisine of Chile is characterized by both the preparation methods of the Chilean Indigenous Mapuche culture as well as by the aromatic flavours of the fresh ingredients from land and sea. Stews (cazuelas), wood-fire bread (tortillas de rescoldo) and clams, often baked with parmesan cheese (machas a la parmesana), are just some of the regional specialities, along with classic empanadas, grain or corn-based dishes and tropical fruits. Santiago's cuisine stands out due to its diversity and the mix of modern and traditional dining options. A glass of wine from one of the nearby vineyards will perfectly complement your meal. Wherever you go in Santiago, you will have the opportunity to taste the country's specialities at restaurants and small eateries. Street vendors offer their delicacies at small stalls, their food is generally safe to eat and always delicious.