Pergola de las Flores Santa Maria


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Pergola de las Flores Santa Maria

This flower market would be worth a visit just for its scents, no wonder it has been around since 1939. There is a huge selection of floral arrangements and bouquets for any occasion, or you can just look around and enjoy the magnificent view.


Many travel to Santiago just for the sake of shopping. Chile's capital offers well-known, major brands at competitive prices and is especially keen on design, especially interior design, clothing and electronic devices. There are several main shopping complexes in the city center, as well as small boutiques selling unique and handmade items. Los Dominicos Village is the perfect place to buy hand-crafted items and souvenirs for friends and family back home. Make sure to also check out Santiago's many markets for unique gifts and an authentic experience. Another insider tip is the bohemian district of Bellavista, where you will find Chilean jewelry made from the iconic Lapis Lazuli stone on the main street market.