Bastard Cafe


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Bastard Cafe

Sometimes you need something else with your coffee, and we are not talking about pastry, cakes or food. Sometimes all you need is an old-fashioned board game which transports you back to the good old days. That’s what the Danish have the Bastard Café for. Besides the regular cappuccinos and café lattes, they also offer Monopoly, chess and scrabble. The café can easily be found in the neighbourhood of Christiansborg Slot.


Curious about Danish cakes and pastries? When in Denmark, you have to try a real Danish – or wienerbrød, as it is called here. They are sold in many varieties at bakeries and cafes all over the city. The oldest patisserie in Copenhagen is La Glace which was founded in 1870. Amongst many mouth-watering cakes and pastries, you will find the classic Sports Cake, which mainly consists of whipped cream. There is nothing better than to grab an ice cream cone to go on a nice day. Denmark is famous for its dairy products, and you can understand why when you try local ice cream. Did you know that Danes are one of the most ice cream-eating people in the world? The average Dane eats 10 litres of ice cream a year!