CTC Urban Gastronomy


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CTC Urban Gastronomy

Do not let the prices put you off from trying CTC! it is a unique and peculiar experience you can only live there. The food is prepared with care and obvious passion, and presented in a way that is borderline art. And despite it being a fine dining place, CTC managed to keep its simplicity and it is a very relaxed place where the staff and chef are more than willing to spend some time with you.


Food is at the centre of all activities in Greece and it is easy to understand why. The Greek cuisine, Mediterranean at heart and influenced by their Turkish neighbours, is fresh, honest, filling and absolutely delicious. Whether you are in for a tour of the best Greek Tavernas in town, looking for the tastiest gyros or want to try the new Greek cuisine, you might adjust to the local rhythm and spend a lot of time around the table. In Athens and in Greece in general you can eat at any time of the day and late at night. Tavernas and Ouzerias (where you can drink local cocktails and usually hear traditional music) are also a key place for social life.