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CTC Urban Gastronomy

Do not let the prices put you off from trying CTC! it is a unique and peculiar experience you can only live there. The food is prepared with care and obvious passion, and presented in a way that is borderline art. And despite it being a fine dining place, CTC managed to keep its simplicity and it is a very relaxed place where the staff and chef are more than willing to spend some time with you.

Useful Information

  • Address: Plateon 15, Athens
  • Email: info@ctc-restaurant.com
  • Phone: +30 210 722 8812
  • More Info: ctc-restaurant.com
  • Address: Tue–Sat 7:30–midnight, Mon & Sun closed
  • More Info: CTC Urban Gastronomy earned one Michelin star in 2022
  • More Info: www.facebook.com/ctc.resto

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