Greek products to buy


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Greek products to buy

If you want to bring your loved ones, or yourself, a typically Greek souvenir here are a few suggestions: Alcohol: look for Ouzo, Tsipouro and Raki, local alcohols that come in small bottles so you can even bring them in your carry-on. Food: Greek pastries and loukoums are always a must. And of course, the olive oil here tastes nothing like what you can find back home. For something less known, grab a box of mastiha — natural resin obtained from the mastic trees of Chios island and used as the world’s first chewing gum. Knick-knacks: typical Greek objects include the "Evil eye" meant to drive away the "bad eye" and its negative effect, worry beads (or Kompoloi), an ornate set of backgammon.


It is almost unbelievable that Athens is not yet consecrated as one of the best fashion and shopping destination of Europe. It has everything the other capitals are so proud of: international brands, luxury products and major names, designer shops, smaller and more original boutiques — all showcased in pleasant walkable streets and neighbourhoods, usually with lower prices than cities such as Paris, Milan or London. Even though years ago the city was hit hard by the crisis and many small shops had to close, it still offers plenty of shopping opportunities, in and around the centre.