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Coin is a major department store in Bergamo, where you can find clothing, accessories, shoes, or anything else that you may need. Other facilities of the store include a women's fitness club area, tailoring, home delivery and coffee shops.


If you love fashion, Bergamo is the place to go. Look at the people – they are so chic! In fact, in this city you’ll find boutiques and shops of all kinds. The main shopping streets are in the Lower Town: between via Sant’Alessandro, via Borfuro, via Sant’Orsola and via XX Settembre there’s what can be defined as “Bergamo’s quadrilateral for shopping”. In the Upper Town there are some nice shops in via Colleoni. If you are still hungry for more, remember that Milan is a shopping paradise and is only about an hour away by bus, train, or car. Aside from clothing, you will find many boutiques and great pastry and food shops throughout the city. Bergamo is particularly known for its sweet cakes and delicacies in the pastry stores. Try, for instance, the Panificio Tre soldi and Mimì, la casa dei sapori, the first in Lower Town and the other in via Colleoni - Upper Town.