National Museum of Beirut


Copyright: Elie plus/Wikimedia Commons
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National Museum of Beirut

One of the best archaeological museums in the Middle East, the National Museum of Beirut provides an excellent overview of the region's history. Highlights include the world's largest display of sarcophagi, a line-up of 31 with naturalistic-looking carved faces, a reconstructed Roman tomb, and a collection of bronze Phoenician figurines uncovered at Byblos. The museum is located on the once volatile Green Line.

Do & See

Beirut makes for a fantastic base to explore the rest of the country once the city's captivating neighbourhoods are over and done with. The best way to explore the city is to set out on foot (the public transportation system will likely appear confusing to outsiders) or by bike, hitting major historic landmarks like the old town's Roman Baths, natural wonders like the Pigeon Rocks just off the Corniche, and the upcoming neighbourhoods of Mar Mikhael and Gemmayzeh along the way.