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This lovely and quirky local Armenian-Lebanese fusion restaurant has a welcoming and homey feeling to it, with great decor and ambience. On the menu are hearty servings of home-made specialities including kibbeh and kofta (meatballs in cherry sauce), among many others.


Eating out in Beirut is a foodie's holy grail: culinary influences mix and mingle in the Levantine cuisine, and so do international restaurants along the city streets. You are equally as free to tuck into a manakish (Levantine "pizza" of sorts) while taking puffs from the ubiquitous shisha as you are to put away a trendy poke bowl. Lebanese cuisine is the definition of comfort food, featuring delicious specialities like kibbeh (made with ground beef or lamb), everyone's favourite hummus, falafel, and kunafeh - for dessert. Here's a list with the top restaurants in Beirut, Lebanon: