Kayu Puti


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Kayu Puti

This quiet and elegant restaurant offers an original blend of local cuisine and western culinary tradition, under the guidance of Executive Chef Gaetan Biesuz. The delicious food is coupled with a perfect dining area facing the sunset, which adds a romantic touch to the already pleasant atmosphere.


Malaysian cuisine fully represents the mixture and variety of Malaysian society: different culinary traditions (Malay, Chinese, Indian and so on) coexist and influence each other, creating a peculiar mix of tastes and flavours. Rice is a staple in all Asian cultures and is served with almost every dish, accompanied by meat or fish. Very characteristic is also the abundant usage of spices and coconut milk, like in Malaysia's national dish Nasi Lemak (coconut-flavoured rice with boiled eggs and peanuts). In Langkawi, you can find anything from traditional Malay cuisine to Chinese or Thai specialities, as well as western-inspired, international dishes: everything your taste buds desire, with the Langkawi rainforest and the Andaman Sea for dining backdrop. Here's a list of the best places to eat in Langkawi, Malaysia: