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Cape Town

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Best Time to Visit

Seasons are reversed in Cape Town as opposed to the Northern Hemisphere (i.e. Europe & the USA). The most popular time to visit is summer, from December to February, when prices are the highest and it's advisable to book in advance. These months are perfect for a beach holiday, and offer the hottest weather (around 22 °C). For lower prices, the shoulder seasons are also good. In March-May it's autumn, the wine season, when you can seize the opportunity to try out the best from Cape Town's wineries. In September-November it's spring, which is the perfect season for a hiking holiday, with flowers in bloom everywhere. Winter comes between June and August and is the low season, with colder temperatures (around 15 °C), but it still has something special to offer: from July to September, you can admire migratory whales on the coastline.

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