Travel Insurance FAQs

Your trip is a significant investment, and we recommend the purchase of travel insurance. Life is unexpected. Things happen and sometimes trips needs to be canceled or rescheduled. Sometimes you get sick on a trip and need medical care. Sometimes someone back home gets sicks and you need to get home. Travel insurance helps protect you from losses you might incur.
How much is it? 
Plans can be very affordable depending on the level of coverage you need for your particular trip. Dragonfly Travel will be happy to present you several quotes from which you can choose.
What does it cover?
The quotes you will be sent will include links to the specific coverages for that plan. In general, they will provide coverage for:
  • Trip delays,
  • Lost or delayed luggage
  • Cancelation of your trip for the illness or death of a traveler or a traveler’s family member
  • Medical expenses while on your trip
  • Emergency medical evacuation if you need to be flown to an appropriate medical facility for treatment while on your trip.
If you need to know about specific situations, insurance law requires that you contact the company underwriting the insurance to get clarification on those coverages.
Does it cover pre-existing medical conditions?
If you, anyone you’re traveling with OR a family member that is NOT traveling has a current medical condition which may require medical coverage on the trip or could lead to the cancelation of your trip, you must purchase trip insurance within 14 days of your FIRST deposit on the trip. A pre-existing medical condition is generally considered any injury or illness which required treatment in the 4 months prior to purchasing your insurance plan. 
Certain medical conditions are excluded from coverage by most plans even if it covers pre-existing medical conditions. For example, conditions considered by the CDC to be mental or nervous disorders are usually not covered reasons to cancel a trip. These conditions can include depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s disease. If you need to know about a particular condition with which you or a family member are diagnosed, you will need to call the insurance carrier. 
An example: if your mother, who is not traveling with you, has cancer that is in remission, but for which she has received medical treatment in the previous 4 months, has a relapse that requires you to cancel your trip, you will need to have purchased a plan that allows for pre-existing conditions or you will not be able to get a refund for your trip costs from trip insurance. 
Here is further information about pre-existing conditions from one of our trusted insurance vendors:
Do you need “cancel for any reason” type of coverage?
If you like flexibility or if you know that there might be an uncovered reason that might require you to cancel, such as an uncovered medical condition mentioned above, you should consider adding cancel any time or cancel for any reason coverage. This usually refunds less than your full trip cost, but it is better than losing all of your money. 
For more general information about travel insurance, please see the following website:
Declining Travel Insurance
If you choose to decline this valuable protection, you are assuming any financial loss associated with your travel arrangements. By declining to purchase travel insurance you fully understand that your travel agent is not liable or responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of cancellation or interruption, emergency medical and transportation, baggage and personal effects, flight and travel accident, and/ or rental car physical damage.