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Ancient Delphi And Arachova

Rome around ancient Delphi’s most popular attractions like the Delphi Museum and its archeological site when you sign up for the exciting Athens excursion of Delphi and Arachova. You’ll get time to enjoy Arachova’s panoramic views as well as explore points of interest in Delphi’s archaeological site, such as the Delphi Museum and Sanctuary. It’s the ideal tour for history enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

Your tour starts with a scenic drive to Delphi through the traditional village of Arachova, a historic town known for its vivid multi-colored carpets. Upon your arrival in Delphi, you’ll pay a visit to the Delphi Sanctuary. This Pan-Hellenic sanctuary rests at the bottom of Mount Parnassos and is renowned for having Ancient Greece’s most famous Oracle. The sanctuary was a central location of religion and culture for ancient Delphi, it was also the site where the Pythian Games were held, Greece’s second most important games were held.

Peruse through the Delphi museum, where you’ll find ancient wonders like the statute of the Charioteer. Greece’s tyrant ruler Polyzalos dedicated this bronze statue to the Greek god Apollo after his triumphant win in a Pythian Games chariot race in 478 B.C. You’ll also pass through the Castalian Springs–the ravine where Pythian Games athletes of ancient Delphi and pilgrims who came to see the Delphi Oracle would bathe. Experience the village of Arachova, where you’ll find breathtaking views of the mountainous landscape before you return to your port destination in Athens.

From taking in panoramic views of mountainous terrain to exploring an ancient site once known as the center of the world, there’s much to do on this exciting excursion of Delphi and Arachova. Make history come to life with an up-close experience and book this invigorating tour today!

Please Note: This tour provides cruise pier pick-up; however, the tour concludes in Downtown Athens and guests will be responsible for their own transportation back to the ship at their own expense.

07/03/2023 through 05/03/2024
05/03/2022 through 05/03/2024

Day 1 Seven miles outside of historic Athens, the Greek coastal city of Piraeus lies upon the sparkling waters of the Aegean Sea and is the largest passenger port in Europe, servicing nearly 20 million passengers per year. A popular port for Mediterranean cruises, this ancient city is sure to enchant you with its picturesque coastline, immersive museums, and fine dining. Head to Mikrolimano Harbor to take advantage of the sea breeze, watch luxury yachts float by, or sample from locally-caught seafood. Get a taste of local culture and history at the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus or the Hellenic Maritime Museum, both easily accessible from the shore. To reach Athens, hop aboard a bus in the Piraeus city center and take a quick drive north.

05/03/22 - 05/03/24

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Lunch is on your own. Guests must be able to walk over cobblestones and uneven surfaces, inclines and steps. This tour is not wheelchair accessible because of the varied terrain at the sites you will be visiting. Your tour will conclude in downtown Athens. Your guide will be happy to provide options on the day as to what you may like to do after your tour concludes and also how you would prefer to return to the ship, at your own expense.

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