Steamers Bar and Grill


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Steamers Bar and Grill

Steamers Bar and Grill holds one of the most stunning views of City Beach and Wollongong lighthouse. The restaurant was inspired by the history of the precinct; when the colony of the Illawarra was first settled, excess fresh produce grown was transported to what is known today as Belmore Basin, before being loaded onto steamships that sailed to feed the growing population of Sydney. The character of the menu, being fresh, organic, local produce and the nautical styling of the décor are both a nod to this industrial period. Steamers Bar and Grill delivers a great communal dining experience comparable to no other in Wollongong. From dry-aging and wood smoking their organic, OBE beef in house to the exemplary quality of the produce used through the dishes, Steamers Bar and Grill are raising the bar on taste, authenticity and service.


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